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Prabhas facing Extremity problem

Young Tollywood hunk Prabhas is known for his heavy cut out. It is really hard to find an actress who suits the requirement of Prabhas. After striving hard, curvy beauty Anushka was finalized as the best pair for Prabhas with respect to height and personality.

But soon after crossing 30s, Anushka was not able to maintain her physic which turned out to be a problem for film makers. Analysts are saying that, “Anushka exceeded the personality of Prabhas. Previously she used to look perfect for Prabhas but now she is looking a bit heavy than him.” In the film “Rebel”, Tamanna looked very thin compared to Prabhas and hence their onscreen chemistry looked odd. Now if Anushka doesn’t concentrate on her weight, she may look heavy compared to Prabhas which may again look odd. Hope Prabhas finds the best girl who doesn’t exceed these ‘Extremities’.