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Priyanka’s remuneration shocking everyone

Curvy beauty Priyanka Chopra managed to gather good craze in Bollywood with her recent film “Barfi”. Moreover, this film was nominated for Oscar Awards. This positive aspect was being used by Priyanka Chopra to raise her remuneration level. Sources revealed that this beauty demanded remuneration of Rs 1 Crore for a fashion event.

Generally Bollywood big shots feel that 30 lakhs is more for fashion event and hence 1 Crore looked heavy for the event organizers. In fact, they were shocked hearing the remuneration level. Obviously the deal was not successful.

On the other side, Priyanka Chopra’s close friends stated that this 1 Crore news is a rumor. We have to wait for some more time to know the real fact. Stay tuned for more updates.