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Producer revealed the real reason behind Zanjeer legal issue

It is known that the remake version of Bollywood super hit film “Zanjeer” is struck in legal issues. It was previously understood that the film director Prakash Mehra’s sons have few internal disputes which lead to this legal issue. But now the film maker Amit Mehra revealed the real reason behind this issue.

It is not the dispute among the brothers which lead to the complaint in the court, but it is the issue of his brother Puneet Mehra and the writers of original “Zanjeer”, Javed Akthar and Salim Khan. It seems that these writers demanded to give a share of the remake rights amount as compensation for them.

This issue gradually turned out to be serious and finally went to the Court. Amit Mehra stated that they have given the compensation amount to the court and the judge will decide further steps. As of now, he was happy with the output of the shooting part in Hyderabad. Hope the legal issue on this film gets completely vanished.