Telugu Politics

Project 2019: Written test and interview for Jana Sena jobs!

Just like how a campus interview happens, Jana Sena recruitment is happening in similar style. With a written test followed by four rounds of interview, Jana Sena top leaders were aiming to narrow down the candidates for their upcoming political campaigning. Writer, Speaker and Analyst were the positions which were offered by Jana Sena to the youngsters. Almost 6000 applications were sent till now in Andhra Pradesh region and more are yet to come.

Out of these candidates, Jana Sena will be picking 100 high energetic youngsters and will train them extensively on the three domains. Few people were sarcastically commenting that Jana Sena will give more jobs in future than BJP government in India. Pawan Kalyan’s preparation is definitely an alarming situation for TDP and YSRC. Even if Jana Sena doesn’t touch the ruling party status, it may surely get till opposition party. Lets see how it goes and how Pawan Kalyan plans and executes the project 2019.