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PSLV C39 failed – 2 failures in ISRO’s career

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ISRO, the space research organization of India recently launched PSLV C39 which is expected to inject navigation satellite into the space. The mission is said to have got failed in the fourth stage due to a problem in the heat shield. In the last 24 years, ISRO has successfully launched various PSLV rockets and failed in just 2 missions. 39 wins Vs 2 lose is an indication of tremendous track record.

Scientists in ISRO were said to have felt utmost disappointed with this failure but the group has been an inspiration for the entire world for its past records. ISRO is aiming at 1 launch per month and the scientists are determined to do their best for the next launch. Analysis is on progress on the failure and ISRO is taking complete responsibility on the failed mission. Lets hope that ISRO’s next launch will induce more confidence into the scientists and lets wish them all the best.