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Rahul Gandhi Vs Priyanka Gandhi – Fight of the siblings!

Looks like Congress High Command is coming up with a new strategy for 2019 elections. Most of the Congress leaders were said to be unhappy with Rahul Gandhi and hence, Sonia Gandhi is said to have raised a topic of “Who can be the next leader for Congress?” As per the information, most of the Congress leaders supported Priyanka Gandhi and even Manmohan Singh is said to have given a nod for this judgement.

If this is the case, we can expect Priyanka Gandhi to enter the top league from Congress side for the next elections. But Modi’s government is looking absolutely strong compared to Congress. Modi has great support from various nations and all the leaders were interested to work with Modi. Unless Congress comes up with a very powerful leader who can change the fate of India completely towards the positive side, Congress may not win against BJP in the next elections. “Will it be Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi?” turned to be the question.