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IT raids on celebrities who attended Gali’s daughter wedding?


IT officials who kept quite till the wedding of Gali Janardhan Reddy’s daughter marriage, were now probing into the assets of Gali Janardhan Reddy. The marriage was said to be a 500 Crores one while 30 Crores was officially said as the wedding expenses. Responding to this, few ministers in India gave statements in the media on what the BJP government is doing while big shots are escaping.

Responding to this, IT raids started happening on Gali’s assets and it came into the limelight that the IT department kept an eye on all the guest who attended Gali’s wedding. The ones who gave performances and took pay cheques from Gali were under the scanner. Reports are being gathered by the IT department on these celebrities and Modi is planning to put checkmate soon to most of them.

Even the guests who are going to Gali’s house were now under the scanner. BJP even though is saying publicly that they didn’t put any restrictions on BJP leaders attending the big fat wedding, they were said to be have sent internal notices to keep distance from that wedding as IT department’s scanner is on.