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Rajamouli impressing fans with a special character

Ace Tollywood film director SS Rajamouli impressed spectators all over the world with his innovative ideas and maven film direction. Film lovers fell in love with this creative film director seeing his expert directional capability. Now this director is capturing the hearts of audience with a special character.

Rajamouli is known for his simplicity apart from his directional ability. This director goes to Prasads theatre whenever a film gets released. It is known that this director previously stated that his passion right from childhood is films. He used to bunk classes to watch films. Even after becoming Tollywood’s top director, Rajamouli didn’t eliminate this enthusiasm and habit. He goes to the theatre for 8:45am show whenever a film releases in Prasads.

He goes with normal crowd and watches the film like a normal spectator. It is very rare to see such people that too in an industry where popularity and level plays major role. This special character of Rajamouli is impressing film spectators as well as people who doesn’t see films at all. They are saying that, one should learn to develop ultimate passion towards a field like Rajamouli. Great going Rajamouli!