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Rajamouli all praises for his Ballaladeva

Top director S S Rajamouli rarely praises any movie he likes. He has a habit of reviewing some films he feels which have content. This ace director has recently reviewed yet another most hyped content driven flick.

Yesterday, the Daggubati Rana’s Nene Raju Nene Mantri was released worldwide amidst a lot of buzz and hype. The fact that his Bhallaladeva is the hero and also the director Teja being claimed as a talented maker, Rajamouli went to watch the flick. After watching, he took his Twitter to congratulate the whole team for their work. He said that the movie felt entertaining in all the elements and he declared that he was proud of his Bhallaladeva Rana for his impeccable performance. Needless to say that Rajamouli’s reviews help any flick to gain mileage all over.

In general, the movie did get some good name. We cannot say that the director Teja is completely back in form but he did try to entertain people. As of now, the movie bagged above average talk. We have to wait until the weekend to say the final verdict of this flick.