Telugu Politics

Rajini’s entry into politics to end BJP’s domination!

Supertstar Rajinikanth is said to be in the process of doing the ground work for political entry. A famous Tamil film maker gave a hint to the media saying that Rajinikanth’s manifesto is ready for the next elections and he is working on improving it further. Madhavan finalized that if Rajini enters the zone, he is sure of becoming the CM of the state. For a while, Rajinikanth was not interested in politics but after the demise of Jayalalitha, fans of Superstar were said to have approached him to lead the state.

It is known that Rajinikanth has good following in Tamil Nadu and he is known to be a simple and god fearing person. Hence, his entry into politics will surely make a change in Tamil Nadu. There is talk in the media that even though Rajinikanth supports Modi, he is planning to enter Tamil Nadu politics to end BJP domination. From several years, Tamil Nadu is being ruled by local parties and the recent Jayalalitha’s demise made BJP enter into this space. The counter attack from BJP leaders on Rajinikanth too is hinting this aspect. Stay tuned for more updates on Rajini’s political entry.