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Ravi Kumar shocking Bollywood film makers

Ace South Indian film director Ravi Kumar is shocking Bollywood film makers with his speed. It seems that this film maker canned 6 scenes in single day. This hyper speed direction of Ravi Kumar is making Bollywood film makers open their mouths and eyes wide.
Generally, Bollywood film makers will work for several hours on a scene. On an average, a Bollywood film director will take 6 days to shoot a scene. But Ravi Kumar managed to do 36 days work in single day. Before this single day, he might have worked for several days to make the process simple.
There is a saying that, “If I want to cut a tree, I would use 99% of the time to sharpen my axe and 1% time to cut the tree.” Ravi Kumar might have followed the same sequence. Whatever, Bollywood film director tasted the perfection and pace of South Indian film makers.