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RBI has failed to address Cash crunch:Vishnu Kumar Raju


The AP BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju yesterday has lost his cool and breathed fire on the RBI for not solving the problem of scarcity of currency in the state.

Speaking to the media, he has stated that he lost his peace of mind when he went to withdraw the money at an SBI branch. The BJP MLA claimed that he went to withdraw 24,000 but the bank has given only 6,000 rupees despite the requested amount. He then revealed his identity to the bank manager and talked to him straightly as an MLA and got 10,000 rupees. He declared that the RBI has completely failed to provide the cash to all the banks and its branches. At the same time, he has supported the step of his boss PM Modi’s demonetization scheme. He opines that Modi’s step is perfect for removal of black money and terrorism. But at the same time, he has found fault with the way RBI has implemented.

He reminded the fact that all ATM’s have been closed for the 37th day straight in all the towns and villages where people need currency to live. He concluded his press meet by saying that the so-called big shots are exchanging stacks of currencies whereas normal people are suffering. If an MLA is suffering from the demonetization, just imagine the wrath of a common man.