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Real reason behind Jayalalitha being called as “Amma”

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Jayalalitha has been lovingly called as “Amma” by Tamil people and do you know why Jayalalitha prefers to be called as “Amma”? In one of the interviews Jayalalitha gave in the past, she explained the reason for this. Speaking on her personal life, Jayalalitha in an interview in the past mentioned that it was a complete failure.

She explained that as per Indian tradition, a girl becomes a daughter, a wife and a mother but unfortunately, she was not legally accepted as a wife. MGR is the one who gave her identity as a politician and Jayalalitha has decided to don the role of a mother by being a mother to all the people living in Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalitha explained this in the past in one of the interviews and she enjoyed a lot when people of Tamil Nadu lovingly call her “Amma”. She tried her best to take care of the people as a mother and no one can replace her as a mother to the state.