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Real reason for Sri Hari’s sudden death

Real Star Sri Hari, who entertained Tollywood as ‘Sher Khan’, left this world leaving his family and his fans alone. Sri Hari’s death is really a shocking news to all the spectators in Tollywood film industry. He has a strong body and hence he is considered as a healthy person by one and all.

All of a sudden, he fell sick and was admitted in hospital in Mumbai and the situation turned critical in few days span. “What might be the reason for this sudden death of Sri Hari?” is the question in everybody’s mind. There were several answers that are rounding in the internet.

One among them is that the actor Sri Hari underwent liposuction few months back and the side affects of this treatment caused some disturbance inside his body. Few sources are saying this as the real reason for his sudden death. Family members  of Sri Hari needs to confirm this aspect to the media. prays for the peace of this mighty soul.