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Renu Desai – Powerful weapon for Chandra Babu and YS Jagan!

Actress Renu Desai turns TV show host

Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans has an unknown side of his life. His personal life was mostly kept a secret from the common people and what happened between Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan which led to the break up is not known clearly to anyone. Renu Desai has been supporting Pawan Kalyan initially and hence there was no major doubts for the fans on this aspect. But Renu Desai’s moves in the recent times were focusing a fact that she might be a powerful weapon for Chandra Babu and YS Jagan to use in the upcoming elections, if Pawan turns to be a threat for them.

Renu Desai’s comments on why she can’t go for another marriage and few reality shows planned by her for the South Indian audience, is looking like it may trouble Pawan to some extent in future. The lady who was silent for several years decided to come out of the shell just before elections. One might be to support her family and kids financially, other might be a political game. We have to see what is in the box for future for the Telugu people.