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RGV announces his second web series on Youtube

The sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has been away from the limelight for a couple of weeks. He has given work for his official Facebook to announce one of his small screen projects.

RGV is a director who incorporates his creativeness in all sections of digital media. After ruling Twitter and Facebook, he started using Instagram to express his feelings via Photos. Recently he entered the ongoing trend of web series with his first International project Guns and Thighs. This thing deals with the mafia, underworld and drug rackets of Mumbai. Today, he has made time to announce his second web series named Kadapa. Following the title, this series would focus on the Kadapa region’s bloodthirstiness and faction wars. With almost four paragraphs, Varma clearly explained his motives to make this project. He promised on his most famous Cycle Chain such that he would depict his deep views on Kadapa region and its culture without fearing anyone. This series’s trailer will be released tomorrow at 9:30 AM on Youtube.

As there is no censor for the Youtube, RGV would construct no bounds to his creative thoughts. Along with the Telugu audience, all his fans and critics are waiting to watch this trailer tomorrow. Apart from this flick, he is working for the controversial biopic Lakshmi’s NTR in parallel with whole new artists.


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