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RGV’s counter to loopholes usage of political parties

RGV released sensational first look of Lakshmi’s NTR

There is a spending limit for elections and political parties generally move out of that limit illegally. They spend the money to get the votes and it is against the rules. Now, legally, the political parties found a loophole in the form of films. As the elections are getting nearer, political parties are trying to promote themselves by making a film on their party leaders and showing it to the people in a good way.

Soon after hearing NTR’s biopic from Nandamuri Family’s side, few people in social media commented that Balakrishna is trying to pull votes for TDP by releasing this flick before elections. Interestingly, RGV gave a counter to this loophole by bringing in “Lakshmi’s NTR”, which would show a different side of the NTR’s life. Now, the situation is like, one of the two ventures will get good popularity in the people and if Balakrishna’s film gets great attention, we can expect people to give more votes to TDP and if RGV’s flick gets the highest reputation and sensation, we can expect TDP to lose its power completely. Looks like RGV is covering the loophole and neutralizing the advantage.