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RGV’s sensational comments on film industry’s letter to KCR

It is known that the film industry sent a letter to KCR apologizing in the drugs case. On this, Ram Gopal Varma was not at all happy. Controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma mentioned that the film industry made a mistake by sending apology to KCR instead of bashing the government. His version is quite different as usual and he mentioned that the film industry members got notices on drugs case but none of them were proved to be guilty in the case.

RGV stated that none of the members who got notices accepted that they are drug addicts and even in the investigation, it is proved that they are innocent. As there is no mistake from the film industry’s side, “Why did the industry sent an apology letter to KCR?” is his question. He further stated that the pressure the actors and the industry encountered is on peaks and the industry should bash the government for this trouble is his version.