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Rogue fails, Guru going strong


The yesterday releases are going as per the expectations of trade analysts. Among the 5 released movies, Guru tops the positive talk while the others got mixed response.

The most hyped movie of Victory Venkatesh, Guru opened up well with nice mouth talk. Like it’s original version, this film too got the best talk from the audiences. Venky’s performance has been lauded by the viewers as they say that he did his best till date. On the other side, the lead actress Ritika Singh stole the hearts of all women with her boxing skills. All in all the movie is on its way to become a blockbuster in Summer. But the well-promoted movie Rogue was bombed. At end of its first day, that movie was declared as a flop show. Puri’s calculations gone wrong as there was nothing entertaining in the script. This also resulted in the tension of Nandamuri fans as they are expecting huge on Puri-Balayya flick.

The movie now entered the second schedule and is going in very fast pace. The movie crew is reporting good outputs from the shooting sets. Puri should take more care on this flick with Rogue result.