Telugu Politics

Roja fires on Chinna Babu once again


MLA Roja is so determined to throw mud on all the leaders of TDP. Now she shifts her complete target towards Nara Lokesh and his acts.

This Kadiri YSRCP leader has recently visited Tirupati and spoke to media about the ongoing politics. She then took pot shots on Nara Lokesh being dumb in his speeches. Roja declared that Nara Lokesh is proving himself that he is dumber than the B.Com-Physics fame TDP MLA Jaleel Khan. Roja went further and said that a Minister like Nara Lokesh who doesn’t know the difference between Birthday and Death Day is unfit to be a leader. In this context, she questioned Lokesh that and experienced CM CBN has failed to give at least 21 jobs for the youth of AP even after having 21 foreign tours, how come a young minister like Lokesh will give thousands of jobs within two years.

Meanwhile, the IT Minister of AP is busy learning how to face the public from the senior leaders in the party. His father CBN is taking necessary precautions to remove all the ridiculous content on his son from the internet.