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Rumor helping Ileana to grow in Bollywood

Rumors and film celebrities go hand in hand most of the times. In India, this trend can be seen in Bollywood as well as South Indian film industry. It would be a fun for the people who create these rumors but the celebrities who were involved in these rumors feel a bit tough to control themselves.

Ileana is now facing the heat of rumors in Bollywood. She was linked with handsome Bollywood hero Shahid Kapoor. It seems that this pair were spotted going for dinners and long drives frequently. A rumor that they are spending more time together after shooting is spreading like a wildfire in Bollywood.

The focus of Bollywood audience shifted towards Ileana with this rumor. As a fresher in Bollywood film industry, this kind of attention helps in growing rapidly. Analysts are saying that, “Rumors will be quite disgusting but Ileana will be enjoying this rumor as it is helping her in growing in the industry.”