Telugu Politics

Sashikala replacing Jayalalitha in AIADMK!


Sashikala, friend of Jayalalitha, who has been with her for several decades, is now taking charge of AIADMK party. In the absence of Jayalalitha, Sashikala took the responsibility of running the government, behind the scene. Even though Panner Selvam is the official CM of the state, majority of the tasks inside the party and the crucial decisions the CM will be taking, depends on Sashikala’s opinions.

As per the information, AIADMK is planning to construct few temple and statues sort of for Jayalalitha all over the state. Insiders mentioned that BJP is supporting AIADMK in Tamil Nadu to look strong. Venkayya Naidu is said to be the point of contact for AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and TDP in Andhra Pradesh for BJP.

AIADMK is planning to go ahead for the next elections by showing Jayalalitha’s fame and the party is implementing all the projects that were started by Jayalalitha. Madhuravoyal flyover which was opposed by Jayalalitha was triggered by AIADMK again!