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What did Sashikala say at Jayalalitha’s memorial?

Deepa Vs Sashikala – AIADMK war in Tamil Nadu!
Deepa Vs Sashikala – AIADMK war in Tamil Nadu!

Sashikala stopped at Jayalalitha’s memorial when she went to surrender. Sashikala was seen hitting the shrine of Jayalalitha which turned sensation in the media. Apart from this, Sashikala said something but the media reporters were not able to capture the voice as the slogans of the Jayalalitha’s followers were dominating Sashikala’s voice.

“What did Sashikala say at Jayalalitha’s memorial?” is the question in the media. It is known that Sashikala surrendered herself and was imposed imprisonment. Before traveling from Chennai to Bangalore, Sashikala made Dinakaran the deputy general secretary for AIADMK. Even though Pannerselvam was in the lead, Dinakaran will be taking care of the party issues.

Fate of Sashikala and her political career were now in doubt and we have to wait for some more time to know the future of Tamil Nadu’s politics. BJP is helping the state to get into the right shape again. Stay tuned for more updates.