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Shocking rumor: Chiru ropes KV on board of Sye Raa

The most prestigious 151st flick of megastar Chiranjeevi, Sye Raa has completed its quick first schedule. In this happy stage, the hero Chiru has rumored got some crucial changes in the technical department.

On the New Year’s eve, Chiru has graced his fans outside his residence and gave poses to photos for all the fans in person with utmost patience. He was seen with a clean shave and his bushy beard for Narasimha Reddy was gone. After inquiry, it came to know that they are going to shoot the young Narasimha Reddy’s scenes after Pongal and Chiru are working hard to get young looks. On contrary, some reliable sources also state that this flick will have three songs and he is going to shoot songs first such that he can grow his beard once again with perfection. Not stopping there, those sources also state that Chiru has called the creative director Krishna Vamsi only to shoot songs for this flick whereas Surender Reddy will direct the talkie part. For now, this rumor is a bit shocking for some mega fans as KV’s track record is below par. But Chiru is keen on KV’s talent in canning songs as the flick belongs to pre-Independence era.

Whatever might be the circumstances, the mega fans are not willing to afford a flop for their matinee idol as this flick is considered to be their pride. Meanwhile the producer Charan and director Surender Reddy are holidaying abroad to discuss Sye Raa’s upcoming shooting details.


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