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I am doing special characters because of Chiru : Sarath Kumar!


South Indian actor Sarath Kumar has good fan following and craze in Kollywood. He is a direct hero in that industry and has got immense stardom. In spite of having such a stardom, Sarath Kumar takes up the special character roles in Tollywood. “What is the reason for such a star to do special characters in Tollywood?” turned to be the point.

Sarath Kumar mentioned that he has special bonding with Chiru and Tollywood. This is said to be the reason for Sarath Kumar to continue the relationship with the industry. It seems that when Sarath Kumar was in financial trouble, he asked Chiru for dates for a flick. Responding to this, Chiru is said to have given dates immediately and didn’t take much remuneration too.

This helped Sarath Kumar at that time and he never forgot the help Tollywood and Chiru did to him. As a token of gratitude, Sarath Kumar has been doing special roles every now and then in Tollywood. He acted in a pivoted role in Allu Arjun’s film too when his career was in the starting stage.