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Special Focus: 1 Crores jobs promised – 2.5 lakhs filled!

In spite of all the efforts, Indian government is failing completely to create new jobs for the youngsters. With the growing population and lack of jobs, Indians are struggling to decide on their future. BJP government promised 1 Crore jobs per year and started several campaigns like “Make in India”, Demonetization and “Swatch Bharath”. Demonetization reduce the job opportunity pushing nation to a more peak level.

As the nation is recovering from the demonetization effect, Trump’s new rule on visas and the changes in IT made private sector lose almost 6 lakh jobs in the next 3 years span. “Make in India” is expected to raise the entrepreneurship levels in the nation but it was not as per the mark. Even though several youngsters were moving ahead with this slogan, it is not in the level as expected. Around 2.5 lakh jobs were said to be created by Indian government last year. Does this mean, government failed in employment aspect by 97.5%?