Telugu Politics

Special Focus: 2000 rupee fake notes in the market!


2000 rupee fake notes are now getting into the market. As people are not aware of how to authenticate the real notes, fake notes are spreading rapidly. People who are new to 2000 notes are feeling these fake notes as real and are using them. Few fake notes were caught in Gujarat while the northern borders of the nation are said to be having more fake notes.

It is known that Modi started the currency strike to make terrorists starve to death due to lack of currency. As a result, the terrorist acts were reduced tremendously and the terrorists were stated to have got into financial crunch as the black money they have can’t be converted and the fake currency is utter waste. Around 3.5 Crores of fake currency was found in a river in Assam.

Now, they have started duplicating 2000 rupee notes and are releasing into the market. Tough time for Indian government to stop the fake currency.