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Special Focus: 400 Coolies got 2.5 Crores bonus!


400 coolies in Tamil Nadu got a bonus of 2.5 Crores in just a day. Going into the details, the sandalwood smugglers who are having lumpsum cash decided to disperse it through various ways. One of the way they implemented is to push 2.5 Crores into the accounts of 400 coolies who were working for them from long time.

These bank accounts were said to be in idle state from the last several years and as suddenly huge cash came into these accounts, bank officials sent the information to the IT department. After the raids, IT department took 400 coolies into custody and the investigation revealed the hand of sandalwood smugglers.

For almost 20 days, the smugglers transferred 11 Crores into their accounts. IT officials are investigating further on this aspect and they are pushing the black money into the government treasury. By the end of the currency strike operation, we can expect Indian government to get over flooded with Crores of money.