Telugu Politics

Special Focus: Amaravathi Growth is non organic


Amaravathi, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, is having a special position in the hearts of Andhra people. Everyone is expecting this region to be the top in the next 5 years. TDP may get votes in the next elections depending on the development it shows in this region. But speaking on this Jayaprakash Narayan mentioned that the growth in Amaravathi is not organic.

Speaking on how a capital city should be built, Jayaprakash Narayan mentioned that the growth should be natural. With the setup of new industries, the city grows. Just like how Hyderabad growth took place due to IT sector and now with the pharma and aeronautical sectors, growth in capital city should be natural and organic.

Jayaprakash Narayan mentioned that the current government’s plan is looking confusing. He stated that they took the land from the farmers in advance but the city growth depends on the quality of the industries and the other sectors. Jayaprakash Narayan finalized that it would take around 50 plus years for a capital city to get to the right shape. In this scenario, it may be a minus point for TDP in the next elections as people were expecting it to have good shape by then.