Telugu Politics

Special Focus: Balayya gave promotion to Puri Jaganath!

Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna decided to give promotion to Puri Jaganath. Insiders mentioned that “Paisa Vasool” is showering Paisa on the film distributors and seeing the craze in the B and C centers, Balakrishna decided to give one more flick to Puri Jaganath. Balakrishna’s 103rd flick will be directed by Puri and the director himself mentioned the same to the fans. There is a political strategy involved in this aspect.

It is known that Puri Jaganath has the capacity to impress B and C center audience. If he comes up with a political story targeting B and C center audience, it would be a big plus for Balakrishna in the upcoming elections. But interestingly, when Chandra Babu Naidu is planning for elections before the actual polling schedules, “Can Balakrishna finish off his 103rd flick and concentrate on political campaigning?” turned to be a tough question. More over, analysts were saying that the people of Hindupur were not that happy with Balakrishna’s film schedules. May be, Balakrishna needs to take a break and concentrate on political campaigning in his region.