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Special Focus: BJP government to give shock to bankers soon!!


BJP government is now aiming to clean India completely of the black money. It is known that the IT department is the most restless one in the recent scenario. More than the bank employees, IT department is on duty for extra time from the last few days. This department has collected huge chunks of black money from all parts of the nation. There are no chips in the 2000 rupee notes and the black money holders are using different ways to change the cash, then how come the IT department is getting the information?

The secret is in the IT radars on bank officials. As per the latest shocking reports, IT radars were on full scanning modes on all the bankers and the one who is doing corruption taking some percentage as commission may soon be behind the bars. As of now, they were tracking all the black money holders using these bankers moves and at the end, these bankers who helped the black money holders may face tough times from the government.

The recent arrest of RBI special assistant Michael for converting 1.5 Crores of old notes to new ones focuses the above fact. In future, all the bankers who were involved in this sort of scam will be taken into custody. Already the government is said to be having the information and is waiting till the completion of this year to take action.

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