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Special Focus: Is Kejriwal opposing or promoting BJP?

Arvind Kejriwal may get waxed at Madame Tussauds

Delhi CM Kejriwal is being bashed left and right in social media by Indian citizens. Either it is his comments on surgical strikes or demonetization, Kejriwal is getting great set of revolting comments from majority of the people. Now, Kejriwal’s latest comments are raising the discussion in social media on whether he is opposing BJP or promoting the party.

Kejriwal mentioned that around 8 lakh crores black money came into the banks due to the currency strike operation in the last 2 weeks. He demanded Modi to disclose this information to the public. Apart from this, Kejriwal mentioned that the nation has gone back by 10 years due to this operation. It is known that IT department is keenly watching the black money deposits in the banks and hence government will surely take action on them in the next few days.

But how much is that money is not known to the people and Kejriwal’s comments gave that information to the public. 8 lakh crores of black money into Indian banks instead of Swiss bank due to surgical strike operation is a big achievement. It is a fact that government is charging 50% as penalty on black money deposited over 2.5 lakhs and is locking half of the excess amount for 4 years. Government will be getting huge amounts out of the 8 lakh crores as penalty which can be further used for the nation and the lock in amounts can be used by the banks for 4 years to give loans at lower interest rates to the people.

Due to demonetization, the industries in India lost few thousands of crores but India is moving towards digital or cashless modes of transactions. India is not moving back by 10 years but is going ahead by almost 20 years. Even a banana seller in India is now using credit card machine or paytm for the transaction. And the best part is, everyone in India is watching this happen in live.

Looks like Kejriwal’s comments were promoting BJP instead of demoting it.