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Special Focus: KTR’s view on Telengana’s CM position

In-Talk: KTR announced Dussera gift to Telengana people

There is a talk in the media that KTR and Harish Rao were racing for the CM position in Telengana and KCR is aiming to give way to anyone of these leaders in the upcoming elections. There is a discussion in the media that KTR and Harish Rao were involved in a tiff on this aspect. Speaking to the media, KTR stated that KCR will continue as the CM for Telengana till 2029 and there won’t be any change in it.

He further gave his analysis that BJP is looking quite weak in Telengana and they may not get the current positions too in the next elections. KTR talked about TDP saying that this party is no where in the region. He confidently stated that TRS will win the next elections without any tie-ups and KCR will be the CM till 2029. KTR finalized that he has got no tiff with Harish Rao and it is just a baseless rumor.