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Special Focus: Megastar’s Pongal gift to comedian Prithvi!

In – Talk: Prithvi’s Khaidi No.150 dialogue getting good craze!

Comedian Prithvi who is known for his dialogue 30 years industry turned popular in the recent times with the dialogue “Sankranthi Rojuna Amma Channipoina Antha Badhaga Vundhi”. Several Mega fans felt sad seeing Prithvi and looks like the Megastar Chiranjeevi too felt the same. Film maker Vinayak mentioned that he felt the same after seeing Prithvi’s interview and hence asked Chiranjeevi.

It seems that Chiranjeevi doesn’t want to upset anyone on the festival eve and hence he asked Vinayak to include the scene in the flick. Hence the updated version will be having Prithvi’s episode too. Vinayak mentioned that Chiru felt sad seeing the news in the newspaper and talked to him on the same.

This is a good move from Chiranjeevi and Vinayak. Hence, Pongal is not going to disappoint anyone and Prithvi might be the most happiest person for this festival. This is definitely an unexpected gift to comedian Prithvi from the Megastar.