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Special Focus: Modi’s shock to BJP leaders

narednra modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for giving shocks to the people. With the currency strike, Modi created sensation all over India. He took this decision in a very short span of time without giving much time for the black money holders to escape from the trap. On the other hand, there has been huge opposition on BJP as few leaders from this party posted pictures of luxury cars and villas which were bought in the recent times.

Few politicians from opposition parties mentioned that BJP leaders were taking the money from the people and are using it for their own purposes. Responding to this, Modi gave a call to all the BJP leaders to disclose their bank transaction details on 1st January. Tension is now on BJP politicians who are involved in malpractices.

If Modi asked his politicians to disclose the bank transaction details on Jan 1st, he will for sure ask all other parties politicians to show their bank transactions to the public to prove that it is not BJP but other parties which were doing the crime. Politicians, get ready for another shock from Modi!