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Special Focus: Modi’s strategic checkmate to Benamis

narednra modi

Looks like India’s Prime Minister Modi has been making the strategy for removal of black money holders from the past several years. The strategies and moves of Modi were making people feel amazed. Without giving a single clue to the black money holders, Modi is squeezing out this money from them to grow the nation further.

It is known that the Benami act was passed and Modi is set to put checkmate to Benamis. In an attempt to close all the doors for Benamis, Modi’s government asked all the NGOs to submit their financial reports till November to the government. It is a fact that several Benamis supports NGOs and trusts to save the money and later get it from them.

Putting a checkmate to such attempts, Modi is locking the ways for the Benamis to escape before directly attacking them with the raids. More over, if a Benami is caught, he has to pay more than the black money he has apart from 7 years of imprisonment. So Benamis, don’t play with Modi and submit the money to the government sincerely before Modi starts the main attack!