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Special Focus: Pawan Kalyan’s Daham

Pawan Kalyan’s special milestone in Twitter

Power Star Pawan Kalyan recently tweeted that few people will be obsessed with acquisition of land. He further mentioned that they will not get satisfied even after acquiring few thousands of acres of land. Pawan finalized that he too was similarly obsessed with solving of people’s problems. As per the insiders, Pawan wants to solve each and every problem in the state and he is not interested to confine himself with a limited set of problems.

Pawan mentioned this as ‘Daham’ and he has the thirst to solve all the problems. Most of the leaders in the history came to power with a specific movement. We had seen recently the life story of KCR, who came to power with a specific agenda and a strong movement. Now, Pawan Kalyan is getting nearer to that zone and we can expect a massive movement from Jana Sena which might be focused on solving people’s problems.