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Special Focus: Ram Gopal Varma’s view on drugs

Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his deep interest on violence and dark sided activities is remaining silent on the drugs case. He didn’t create any sensation with his social media posts after the drugs case came on to the media. Generally, whatever might be the sensational issue, people wait for the social media post of Ram Gopal Varma which will be an entertaining one. This time, RGV felt like remaining silent.

This is making people think that he is in the observation phase and is planning to make a film on this topic. It is known that several celebrities and students were involved in this drugs case and RGV may not find a better story than that for his next venture. RGV might be waiting on how Police will be tackling this case and who all are behind it, to make his story more entertaining. We may expect RGV’s view at the end of this real life episode.