Telugu Politics

Special Focus: Revanth Reddy’s punch to KCR

This poster is now the talk of the town. With lots of love and care, TDP leader Revanth Reddy had a poster ready for KCR, wishing him on the success of the eye operation. Adding to those wishes were the sarcastic comments on the vision of KCR for Telengana people. Things are not that clear between the ruling and the opposition parties of Telengana state. Both the parties were firing on one another and Revanth Reddy took charge from TDP’s side to bash TRS leaders.

KCR is always the main target for Revanth Reddy and this poster shows the same. Apart from wishing him on the successful operation, Revanth Reddy’s view on KCR’s vision for Telengana, is now widely spreading in the social media. We have to see how TRS and KCR reacts to this poster and what will be the counter attack. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.