Telugu Politics

Special Focus: Roja wants AP assembly speaker position?


YSRCP leader Roja, who was suspended from attending the AP assembly sessions last year, is said to be eyeing AP assembly speaker position when YSRCP comes to power in 2019. It seems that Roja is confident on YSRCP winning the throne in 2019 and if it happens, Roja is said to be targeting the speaker chair instead of a ministry.

There is a talk in YSRCP circles that Roja has mentioned this aspect to few associates in the party and she is said to be actively working on it. From the last one year, Roja has been away from the assembly and it is a very big blow to her political career. Her prestige too was disturbed and looks like Roja is planning to take revenge on the ruling party.

If at all YSRCP comes to power in 2019 elections and Roja takes the speaker chair, we can expect her to show stars to TDP leaders in the AP assembly.