Telugu Politics

Special Focus: Rs.4000 per Dwakra Voter in Nandyala

Undavalli Arun Kumar turned into a tough problem for TDP. Nandyala Elections which went in a little controversial way, is now turning into a top one in headlines. Undavalli Arun Kumar stated that the Dwakra members in Nandyala got Rs.4000 in their account before elections. Soon after this statement, it was accepted by people that Dwakra women will get some money from the government and it has nothing related to the elections.

Adding to this, Undavalli Arun Kumar gave a statement that only the Nandyala Dwakra women got the money and no one in other regions got the money. This turned controversial as people started assuming that the government is using the schemes to get the votes. After the new governments in both state and central level, elections are now being taken very seriously and cash transactions through hand were being monitored well. In this scenario, foreign transactions, using of public schemes, etc were raising heavily. Undavalli’s statement now turned interesting and the people are waiting for TDP’s statement.