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Special Focus: Samantha to get a political role soon!

Samantha’s reception invitation
Samantha’s reception invitation

Cute actress Samantha, who is now becoming popular as Akkineni family’s daughter-in-law, is now working as a brand ambassador to Telengana’s handloom industry. Soon after she was made the brand ambassador for the handloom industry, Samantha has been taking it seriously and is visiting all the handloom territories in Telengana region.

She visited Yadadri district and Siddipet and met several handloom workers. Samantha talked to the “Katamarayudu” team to auction the clothing and use the money for the upliftment of handloom industry. People can see a leader in Samantha and such sort of dedicated persons were needed for the society. TRS which is known to rope in the dedicated persons are now praising the effort of Samantha.

Soon she may get an offer to join TRS as a politician. Whether she will take it or not is secondary, but Samantha is sure of getting a political offer. Looks like Samantha is continuing the legacy of Akkineni family’s daughter-in-laws to help the society.