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Special Focus: Suicide note revealed Gali Janardhan’s secrets!


Police officials who were investigating Gali Janardhan’s case got a new clue. It is known that Gali Janardhan Reddy who arranged a grand wedding for his daughter was subjected to IT raids soon after the marriage. IT department started probing into the assets of Gali Janardhan and they were getting new clues every day.

Police officials who were investigating a suicide case got a clue which relates to Gali Janardhan. The suicide note is from a driver named Ramesh, who mentioned that he took the pain to convert 100 Crores of black money which belongs to Gali Janardhan Reddy to white. It seems that he was offered 20% commission in doing the job and hence he accepted the deal. But the process was utmost dangerous and he was subjected to lot of mental pressure and torture.

He mentioned that this is the reason behind his suicide and this note turned out to be a clue for the Police department and the IT department to probe more on the Gali Janardhan’s case. More details are expected to come on to the media soon.