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Special Focus: TDP firing on BJP’s new rule on Gold


Looks like the relation between TDP and BJP were getting worse day by day. It is known that the TDP government failed to convince BJP for Special Status for AP and finally accepted the Special Package. This made TDP bad in the eyes of Andhra people and this made TDP start a cold war against BJP. Chandra Babu and his team didn’t explicitly mention it in the media but he is said to be unhappy with BJP’s moves.

Recently, BJP made a new rule limiting the purchase of Gold. Married ladies can buy upto 500gms of Gold while unmarried girls were given permission upto 250gms of Gold. Men can purchase Gold upto 100gms and anything above these limits will be checked by the government. It seems that people buying anything above this will need to show the reports to the government.

Speaking on this, TDP leader Bonda Umamaheshwara Rao mentioned that BJP is moving on the Tughlaq path and TDP won’t ignore this move of BJP.