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Special Focus: Terrific entry for Mokshagna in Tollywood

Balayya wants a perfect launch pad for Mokshagna

Nandamuri Mokshagna, is coming up with huge hype and Balakrishna is making it for sure that he hits the right chord in the industry, unlike Akhil, who faced a flop with the very first flick. It seems that Mokshagna is not that confident on acting and is interested to work as assistant director before becoming a full fledged hero. Interestingly, Balakrishna is not aspiring to stop at any point and move ahead with launching Mokshagna as hero.

Balakrishna is planning a terrific entry for Mokshagna in Tollywood. As per the talk, NTR’s biopic will be the debut flick of Mokshagna and director Teja is being roped for this venture. Things were going at and Balakrishna is interested to make the flick on his own banner, is the talk in the tinsel town. If this turns true, seeing Mokshagna as will create great impression on the young lad in Tollywood. Stay tuned to know more about it.