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Special Focus: Top producer in Drugs case!

Students of over 50 Hyderabad schools, colleges found taking drugs

From the past few days, Drugs case in Hyderabad turned to be the talk of the town. As per the information, a top producer was now in the second list. He is said to be the top Tollywood producers who made blockbuster flicks in the recent times. Apart from this producer, couple of heroines too were said to be in the list. Telengana CM KCR gave orders to the Police department to clean the state completely without any drug mark.

Police officials who are set to take vacation came back to work to finish the case. Notices have been sent to the celebrities and common people who were doubted to have link ups with the drug dealers. As per the information given by drug dealer Kelvin, Police officials were taking charge on several people. Few students too were said to be in the drug addicts list. As the situation is looking alarming, central government too is looking seriously into this issue. We may get few more details and names of the celebrities who were caught in the drugs case soon.