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Special Focus: Trump bowed to Modi!

Google lists Modi in top 10 criminals

US presidential candidate Trump, who won the throne, has bowed to Narendra Modi in the list of “Person of the Year 2016” title. Prestigious TIME magazine conducts polling on who is the most influential person for the year and this time Narendra Modi took charge of this list with a massive victory.

Around 16% of the voters voted for Narendra Modi while 7% of the votes went to big shots like Trump and Obama. Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton got 2% of the votes and were in the list after the big shots. Right from the beginning of 2016, Narendra Modi has been on the right form and is impressing the world with his concepts.

His surgical strike took him to a new height in the minds of people all over the world. All the nations accepted his move and appreciated India’s strategy on terrorism. Demonetization took Modi to a different level. Even though there has been some problems in the nation due to the currency strike, people who appreciated this move are more in number than the ones who opposed it.