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Special Focus: US officials became fans of Narendra Modi!


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a big shot in India. The way BJP won the last elections in India shows the fact how much people love Narendra Modi. Now, not just Indians, officials from overseas nations too were becoming fans of our Prime Minister. US official from external affairs, Mark Toner mentioned that the way Narendra Modi is fighting on black money was inspiring.

Mark Toner mentioned that the US has been observing the ways Modi is following from the last 2 years to end black money corruption in India. Mark felt that Modi is doing an amazing job. He further accepted the fact that Indians and few Americans living in India are facing trouble due to demonetization but the job which Modi is doing will fetch good results to all the Indians in near future.

Even the chance which Modi gave to the black money holders to openly reveal their black money and pay the extra tax to convert it to white, is appreciated by Mark Toner. He mentioned that it gave good results.