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Special Focus: Vardha cyclone updates


Vardha Cyclone has been frightening the people in coastal states, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Here are the latest updates from the media officials in those regions,

  • Around 4 people were dead and 16 thousand people lost their shelter
  • Electric poles in Chennai were devastated by the cyclone and the city was in darkness
  • Vardha is expected to cross the coast in between 1PM – 4PM on Monday
  • AP government and Tamil Nadu state government took safety measures by transporting 16 thousand members to safe regions
  • BJP government called the officials in AP and Tamil Nadu and mentioned that they are ready to help the states in any possible way
  • Navy, Airforce and Indian Army officials are ready to help the people and the Indian Navy arranged 2 ships with doctors on board to help the coastal states
  • Vardha will be moving to Karnataka tomorrow and will cross the coast in Goa in the next few days.