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Special Focus: Did Vishal Sikha really join HP?

Vishal Sikha, the Ex-Chairman of Infosys, submitted his resignation and the board immediately accepted it. There were several doubts in the media on who is behind Vishal Sikha’s resignation and the recent Trump’s decision on H1B visas has its effect on his resignation. On this, Vishal Sikha stated that Narayana Murthy felt that he is a CTO material more than a CEO. Looks like, Infosys’ decision of openly saying they will recruit heavily in USA made Indians in Infosys shift to other companies.

Few other companies took advantage of this statement saying that they would hire heavily in India and the Trump’s decision is not a problem at all. This might be the stepping stone for Vishal Sikha’s resignation. On the other hand, there were reports in the media that Vishal Sikha joined HP. The Ex-Chairman of Infosys denied that statement and said that it is just a baseless rumor.